Sunday, 8 March 2015

Of dimpled knuckles and watery eyes

Those watery eyes stare, between those suckles,
I notice your dainty, dimpled knuckles;
Those puffed cheeks, that folded knee,
Did I create those? Did I nourish those within me?

That silky hair atop your head, moves to and fro as you feed;
Held in close embrace; I realise, it is me who has the greater need.

The need to feel secure, to slow down,
The need to cheer up, to ease that frown.
To anchor, to unwind,
To breathe... And rewind.

What was life like before you? Was it wholesome, purposeful, refreshing and new?
Ah, non! I laugh, it wasn't, couldn't be!
Not without you, to complete me!

It's me who's vulnerable, not you
It's me who is insecure, not you
It's me who needs you to grow;

It's you, you've turned me inside out,
Brought out, the mother in me!

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