Tuesday, 23 September 2014

My first Post, finally!

 So, after years of toying with the idea of starting a blog, I have finally kicked myself in the rear and done it.  Finally decided that mollycoddling the procrastinator in me wasn't going to work. Also finally decided that getting a variety of thoughts in my head, doing nothing about it and smiling to myself in self praise wasn't fun. That those thoughts need to be unleashed on a blog. They look uh, better. I have also promised myself to accept constructive criticism well. And to accept that it's MY blog,so not everything I write here may be acceptable to everyone. But I finally have resolved to break free.

 A full-time mum of two now, I know I will mostly be writing about my sons and activities around them. Because it's motherhood that's liberated me. I pledge to myself to be a flowing writer mum and do justice to motherhood. I also hope to share wonderful experiences through words and gain insights into writing from other mums. Good, I like this! :)

 And happy birthday to me! Finally, a sensible thing to gift myself.

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